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Welcome to the Citizens State Bank Loan Payment Portal

Use this portal to:

1.   Make an installment loan payment.

2.   View your Loan Portal payment history. (Visit our Digital Banking Suite to view payments made outside of the Loan Portal.)

3.   Manage your payment accounts.

New User:

1.   Follow "Create Account" link below to get started, OR

2.   To make a payment without creating an account, follow "Quick Pay." You'll need the following information:

a.   Your CSB Loan Account Number. (Do not include leading zeros. For example, if your account number is “00123456” enter “123456”)

b.   The nine-digit bank routing number from where the funds will be transferred.

c.    The account number from where the funds will be transferred.

Returning User:

Enter your User Name and Password to log in.

To protect your account, sessions are closed after a period of inactivity. If this happens, please log in again.

Please Note:  

  • Payments will be applied in accordance with your loan agreement.  If you need to provide special instructions on how to apply your payment or you have questions about how your payment will be applied, please contact us at 888-529-5450.  If you are attempting to submit a final payoff on your loan please contact us at 888-529-5450 to confirm the exact payoff amount.
  • If you choose the Quick Pay option, when asked for your Loan Account Number do not include leading 0s. For example, if your payment book shows your Loan Account Number is "00123456" enter "123456"