For questions or assistance, please contact Bank of Pontiac Toll Free at 1-855-844-6151.

Loan Payment Portal

You can make a payment by using your debit card or by authorizing a payment to be deducted from your Bank account at another financial institution.  The payment amount is limited to $4,000.00 if authorized from your Bank account at another financial institution.

If you are using this Online Loan Payment feature for the first time, you can register and create an account to use multiple times or you can just click the PAY NOW button below to do a one-time payment.

Returning Users, please sign in below to make a payment, view payment history or maintain payment accounts.

Quick Pay users, click the PAY NOW button.

To begin enter your loan account number and press the validate button.  When entering your loan account number, please do not enter any leading zeroes.  Once the account successfully passes the validation test, please continue by completing the fields to make a payment.  Please verify you are entering the correct loan number to ensure the payment is applied correctly.

As a security feature to help protect your account from unauthorized access, your session will automatically close after a period of inactivity.  Simply log on again to continue. 

For questions or assistance, please contact the Bank Toll Free at 1-855-844-6151.